Dr. Hauschaka

I recently received some beauty and body care products from Dr. Hauschaka. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Hauschaka name in the beauty world – Dr. Hauschaka is a Germany based cosmetics brand that carries a great range of Organic products that is certified with the NATRUE international quality seal for natural and organic skin care. They claim to not use any chemical or synthetic fragrance, dyes or preservatives in their products. All products are free from mineral oils, parabens, silicones and PEGs which makes them unique. The brand was new to me and it took me some time to go over their products and explore. I was sent out some of the products from the brand to try and after putting them on test for a while now I’m in love with their products, especially for the fact that they’re formulated with organic ingredients, which attracted me more toward the brand. Here are some of the items that I’m putting to the review today:

Skin and Body Care 


The brand carries a great range and selection of skin and body care products that I find is gentle and very effective for my sensitive and dry skin – I always reach out to products with highly hydrating formulas while they gentle enough on my sensitive skin. Dr. Hauschaka‘s body care products don’t feel heavy or greasy at all and carries that gentle scent that doesn’t bother me at all. The products carries that high-end looks and packaging with highly innovative and convenient dispensers. I have been in love with some of the products that I will be adding in my must have list and will definitely repurchase them.

Up first is the Soothing Cleansing Milk which cleanse and gently removes makeup and dirt from complexion. It’s very gentle and perfect for those with sensitive skin. Its formulated with Anthylis, jojoba and almond oil which helps the skin’s natural protective layer. The texture is light and conditions the skin. I find this very hydrating and it has that cream feel while skin feels refreshed and smooth. You can introduce this to your morning and evening by applying evenly to a damp face and rinse using water or lukewarm cloth. You can also use this as an eye makeup remover by applying a little Soothing Cleansing Milk to a dampened cotton pad, and swipe out gently over the eye area. I love how it doesn’t feel dry after cleansing especially during these cold and dry winter mounts.
I personally loved the packaging, it have that high-end looking packaging. This Soothing Cleansing Milk comes in thick clear glass bottle with turn on/lock pumping dispenser where I loved how convenient it is for dispensing that perfect amount of product and without the hustle of cap.

Next is the Facial Toner which is a light weight toner that supports skin’s natural processes of cleansing and renewal. Although I’m not a huge fun of toner at all I find they irritate my skin, and exposes for skin but for those whose looking for a good toner I believe this is some thing you want to consider. This Facial Toner minimizes the appearance of pores and helps with balancing the moisture levels of your skin.

It’s formulated with Anthyllis extract which helps skin remain balanced. It’s also infused with Witch Hazel extract that tones and supports the elasticity of skin and refines pores. It’s great for all skin textures (normal, dry, mature and sensitive). It comes in spray dispensing form which I find it every easy to apply. Again comes in beautiful and thick clear glass bottle which gives that sleek and luxury look to the finish of the packaging.

Rose Nurturing Body wash and Rose Nurturing Body Cream was sent out to me a while back from the brand which I have been using it since I have my hands on. These are some of the new products that have been added to the collection. The Rose Nurturing Body wash is a light weight and gentle body wash that cleanses while it carries a very gentle scent of rose. The scent is not too strong but it have a beautiful scent aspects of the sensuous petals. It lather up to a creamy foam and skin doesn’t feel dry after. It carries that creamy feeling where it leaves the skin with a little moisture.
On the other hand the Rose Nurturing Body Cream is a light weight body moisturizer that keeps the skin hydrated and smooth. It gets into the skin immediately without feeling too heavy or greasy with a supple fragrance of roses. Its infused with rose essential oil and precious extracts from wild rose hips and rose petals to keep the skin hydrated and protected against dryness. The Rose Nurturing Body Cream is formulated with Organic shea butter combined with almond and jojoba oils for a softer and silky looking skin.


The brand also carries a great range of makeup items that are pretty good, I would say if you’re some one with basic needs of makeup products then they have a selection and pretty items for you. The makeup line from Dr. Hauschaka is very simple and easy to pick especially for those who gets confused when there are many options. The makeup line is very basic

Colour Correcting Powder is a light weight and translucent powder that comes in four different correcting shades that helps reduce the appearance of  redness while the lighter shades brightens the complexion for a fresh look. It also sets the foundation for a longer period of time. It’s formulated with luminous mineral pigments combined with nourishing botanical ingredients such as soothing anthyllis and witch hazel for a flawless appearance. Comes in pretty good packaging with a good size mirror for a  touch up while on the go. 

Up Next is the Eyeshadow Trio in Sunstone which is a set of three eyeshadow shades in neutral shades. The eyeshadow palettes comes in four different color combinations to give the pop of color depending on your eye color or personal preference. I find the eyeshadow pretty basic, and perfect for every day wear. The formula combines with mineral pigments, the texture is silky and layers beautifully. Its infused with nourishing botanical ingredients such as black tea to moisturizer and soothe the delicate skin around the eye area. I personally love it for every day look and for those whose looking for that simple eye look. To me Nothing too especial, but it have a good texture, pigment and formula. It does blend beautifully and it doesn’t go too crazy with layering. It gives that subtle and soft eye look.

The Volume Mascara in Black is also one of the new products that have been added to their Makeup collection, It comes in three beautiful shades – Black, Brown and Plum. I received the Volume Mascara in black which I found it was a true black. It gives lashes a nice curl and adds volume. The brush is on the thicker side with lots of bristles to give lashes that lifted look. It stays up pretty good for the whole day without smearing or smudging.


Last is the Lipstick in Dahlia which is a nice and beautiful hot red shades with soft shimmers which I think is perfect for the holiday season. The formula is pigmented and it’s infused with mineral pigments and botanical ingredients such as rose petals, almond oil and camauba wax that makes this lipstick very nourishing and moisturizing. Dr. Hauschaka’s lipstick collection carries a great range of shades and colors that are very tempting. It includes nudes, reds, pink and plums shades for that perfect lips. I personally loved the formula, it stays as good as any other regular lipstick would stay. Keeps the lips moisturized and soft while wearing. You can line it with a lip liner to lock it from bleeding or smudging. Reapplication is definitely required after meals. 

Bottom line I have been loving Dr.Hauschka’s products, especially the skin and body care line. The Soothing Cleansing milk is one of my favorite products from their skin care line, that I have been using it regularly. As well as the Rose Nurturing Body wash and Body cream, I have been using it for kids and my self and it works amazing on skin, they are all gentle enough for sensitive skin. I also found the makeup line is pretty good, its simple but it’s good in a way that you don’t get lost while picking up for your every day beauty items. I also love the products for the fact that they’re formulated with organic ingredients which makes it more safer to use the items regularly without any harm. You can find the item online at Dr.Hauschka.com.

Many thanks to Dr.Hauschka’s team for sending over press materials for reviewing.