Cle De Peau Beaute | Radiant Corrector For Eyes

Cle De Peau Beaute introduced a new illuminating and color correcting concealer pen that is powered by pearls Radiant Corrector For Eyes (C$91.12 for 0.08 oz.). This is a brush on concealer that brightens and conceals all imperfections and dark circles at the same time. Cle De Peau is one of the brands that presents the best in makeup and skin care and I’m a huge fan of the brand. I have had tested couple of their iconic stick concealers before and they’re absolutely my favorite formula. This is a new easy to use concealer that is ideal for those who likes a creamy formula to brighten the under eye area plus conceal imperfections while they can use the product while on the go.

The texture is nice and creamy that carries enough coverage and pigment to cover almost every thing. The texture is luminous so it doesn’t look or feel flat, while its buildable to a full coverage. Its is infused with potent skin care benefits like antioxidants that is a huge thumbs up from me, you can see the results immediately (diminishes the visibility of fine lines upon application) and over time. It comes with a soft touch brush applicator that is designed for the delicate eye area and perfect to touch up while you’re on the go.

Comparison of Radiant Corrector Pen and Iconic Concealer:

I received the Radiant Corrector For Eyes in three shades (Almond, Ocher and Mocha) which I find Almond shade was a good match to my skin tone and it blends beautifully. This concealer comes in only 6 shades to chose, although I do find the shade range is not enough to cover all skin tones but I find with Cle De Peau Beaute and La Prairie formulas, they tend to blend in with your skin tone once applied. I find Mocha and Ocher shades carries orange undertone which is a great way to color correct with, and I find the formula is quite amazing for color correcting.
Both formulas are quite different and can be used differently. The Iconic Concealer stick is a much long lasting formula than the Radiant Corrector, I find the Iconic concealer is a better product to conceal and correct dark circles and any spot while the Radiant Corrector Pen is a great way to brighten and highlight, while you can carry the Radiant Corrector Pen in your on the go bag for touch ups. The lasting powder is quite amazing and over the time you can feel the skin get more smoother and radiant.

These are among the most lightweight creamy concealer I’ve tried. There are quite some heavy and thick concealers around lately but with the perfect soft touch applicator I find this to be easier to apply and touch up when you need and on the go. The texture is silk like soft and blends beautifully with finger tips.

These have a soft finish and blurs out the fine lines but if you’re into the full thick full coverage concealer these might be a bit light for your taste. For me its carries that perfect finish and coverage where I don’t feel too heavy when wearing my makeup.

Radiant Corrector For Eyes available at Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom.