Spooky Halloween Nails by What’s Up Nails

Yes it’s that time of the year again, Halloween is just two weeks away from now and my kids are all ready for the day. Although I never have played dressed up for Halloween but I like to induce some accessories to my overall look to keep things fun. I most of the times spend my day painting and creating skull looks for my nieces, nephews and my own kids for trick and treat around my neighborhood, and barely get time to dress up for this occasion. I was introduced to What’s Up Nails recently and I loved how a little detail on nails keep things fun. These are sticky graveyard sticker sheets where you can easily apply to the nails for a fun and spooky looking nails. There is a full application guide on the back of the cover. I would suggest to use light and bright nail polish for more stand out looks, Neon shades works the best. Here I used the DIGI-TEAL Miracle Gel polish from Sally Hansen and coated with the Silver Glitter from Burberry Holiday collection 2016 where you can use any other glitter coat for more details. This year, I’m celebrating Halloween here on the blog with my readers. I have teamed up with What’s Up Nails to give my first 10 readers free Spooky Halloween Vinyls for this Halloween. How to get free Spooky Halloween Vinyls:

 I hope you all enjoy the giveaway, and have a fun and spooky Halloween this year with your loved ones. I would love to see your creative nail arts, make sure to tag Millionidole on Facebook, Instagram or Tweeter as well as you can use #millionidole to get featured on my Instastories. Happy Trick and Treat!
Many thanks to the What’s Up Nails for sponsoring this giveaway. 

GIVENCHY | Le Vernis Nail Polish in

I was supper excited to try out the Le Vernis Nail Polish in two colours from Givenchy Beauty for this season. I spotted these nail polish formulas at the Givenchy counter at one of my visits at Sephora recently, after trying out the formula and swatching them on my nails I was amazed with the nice and glossy look and mirror like effect finish of it immediately. The colours are fairly simple and apply flawlessly offering a nice clean polished look. I received:

  • N°07 Grenat Initie – is a vibrant red. It has a slightly warmer tone and not too orangey. Below I have it applied with three coats.
  • N°02 Beige Mousseline – is a nude pink with slight warmth to it. This also carries a bit of beige and peach into it. Below I have applied it in two coats.

Both colours are beautiful and classic. Lasting power has been very good for me and to be honest I had never experienced some thing like this before. It stayed up to 6 days with no chipping (without extra work). The formula is supper light which makes it super easy to layer or I should say it dries up very fast for layering and while layering it doesn’t  look thick. Two coats were good enough to get a true colour of the polishes but I found with third coat you get a sleek finish and strike free with true colour. These have a thin jelly like texture but with pigment. It comes in a 4G logo engraved on the leather like black top caps along with the transparent glass bottle.

Bottom line I loved these beautiful nail polishes from Givenchy in terms of high quality, performance and staying power. Both shades are beautiful and versatile. There are not a huge rage of colours but they carry a great range staple colours. you can shop Le Vernis Nail Polish at all department stores as well as online at Barneys.com.

Press samples were provided by the Givenchy team for reviewing purposes.


SALLY HENSEN | Miracle Gel


Sally Hansen have introduced the a new formula lately Miracle Gel (C$9.97 each). These are gel nail paints with no LED required with 69 beautiful and amazing colors. You can get your gel manicure at comfort of your own place, that will stay on for up to 14 days. I personally was very excited to tryout the new formula, as many of you know I’m a mother of 3 and keeping my nails and nail polish in good shape is close to impossible. I find getting gel nails at the saloon gets quite expensive as well as time-consuming for me. These were some thing I was really looking forward into, I received three beautiful colors from the brand along side with a top clear coat.

  • Terra Copper – is a golden copper foil finish shade with silver, gold and pink fine shimmers. I personally don’t wear shimmers on nails but I loved how this shimmer shade looks on my hands. I would say it’s a perfect nude shimmer nail paint.
  • Street Flair – is a light pastel lavender color and carries a semi matte finish texture. Pastel shades don’t go along very well with my skin tone, but I think this one makes a pretty justice with my skin tone. I totally fell it makes a great shade on a more pale skin tone.
  • Motley Hue – this one is a nice bright pink with a blue under tone. It carries a semi glossy finish. I would say a good every day color especially during summer days.


This is a two-step nail paint system, where it offers an up to 14 days stay just like gel nail polishes but without LED light. Apply two layer of Miracle Gel nail color, keeping in mind that you need to let dry each coat before layering, this way it will not only gives you a longer stay – you will achieve much better results. After both coats are fully dry you can apply the Miracle Gel top clear coat to finish it seamlessly. 

Over all very impressed with the out come, as I mentioned being a mom of three it’s a little challenging to keep the nail paints. Mine usually starts chipping by third day but I was very impressed with the results of tis Miracle Gel nail polish. For me it lasted on my nails from a week to 10 days. In that note I must include that I do all the house chores, but I if you’re some one who works at the office or have a less contact on daily chores, this Miracle Gel will stay much longer.

Many thanks to the Sally Hansen team for sending these Miracle Gel polishes for reviewing consideration.