Vichy | Aqualia Thermal

Vichy introduces new Aqualia Thermal skin care line this season. It’s probably my first time going over Vichy’s skin care products, I have heard a lot about the brand especially from my younger sister but some how I don’t recall on giving their products a try. I was supper excited to put this new addition to test. This Aqualia Thermal skin care line is perfect for all ages and types (even sensitive), especially for those who’s mean concern is hydration. I found with this line you don’t get any anti aging properties. You can always mix and match this range with your any favorite skin care range to target your needs. These products are free of Parabens, alcohol, silicone and oil.

Up first is the Aqualia Thermal Gel Cream (C$39.95 for 50 mL) is a lightweight moisturizer that keeps the skin well hydrated for up to 48 hours. It recharges dry and dehydrated skin with intense hydration while it feels non sticky or heavy on skin. This Aqualia Thermal comes in three different textures: Gel, light and rich to target all skin textures. These creams are formulated with 97% naturally derived ingredients that includes hyaluronic acid, fortifying Vichy mineralizing water and plant sugar mannose. The texture is watery with carries a gel like feeling, it gets into the skin immediately and feels comfortable. I have been loving it for the fact that it literally hydrates skin while its super light during this summer season.

Its meant to target normal to combination skin while I found it works great on dry skin during the summer time where you want to use some thing light. It comes in a nice and cute looking packaging where its easy to carry with you while you’re on the go but for the fact that the texture is watery you have to make sure to tight the container properly.

Up next is the Aqualia Thermal Serum (C$42.95 for 30 mL) is a lightweight serum that recharges dry and dehydrated skin. The texture of the serum is light and watery, gets into the skin immediately leaving your skin soft and smooth. I found both products works well when used together, they both are formulated with same ingredients where it intensifies the hydration and effectiveness of the products. The serum really gets skin plump and tonic after using it for couple of weeks. It instantly hydrates leaving it glowing and healthy looking.

Bottom line, I have been really impressed with the Aqualia Thermal skin care range for the fact that they’re formulated with 97% natural ingredients while it gives skin a full hydration. The range is simple yet effective only if you’re main goal is hydration. You can mix or add your favorite anti aging or any other products to target  your needs with these products, it’s a perfect product to carry with you while you’re on the go for extra boost of hydration for your skin. Both can be a great base for your foundation but I have been loving the Aqualia Thermal Serum as base for my foundation for it’s long lasting hydration formula. You can now find the Aqualia Thermal range at your nearest drug store and online at

Press samples were provided and courtesy of Vichy.  


Decorte | New finds

I recently was introduced to Decorte Cosmetics, it’s a Japanese brand that have been published in 1970 and have been No 1 best-selling brand in Japan. Decorte have been recognized for creating the worlds first serum – having a pure love for Japanese skin care this made me to dig into their skin care products. Their skin care is infused with Onsen hot spring water. I was really curious and excited at the same time to test some of the beauty and skin care items from the brand. Todays review includes:

  • Eye Glow Gem
  • Cream Blush
  • Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner
  • The Rough
  • Liposome Moisturizer

Up first is The Rouge lipstick ($45 for 0.12 oz. / 3.5 g) in shade RD 456 is a beautiful and bright red shade with blue under tone. The texture of the lipstick is soft and glides on to the lips beautifully. The collection comes in Matte and Glow formula that provides high pigment finish. I have to include that the texture is super soft and doesn’t leave lips dry at all. Both Matte and Glow texture comes beautiful shades that enhance all skin tones. The Glow formula provides moisture and lustrous finish and carries a balm like texture that gives lips that fresh look while the matte formula is highly pigmented and provides more intense colour. I find the matte formula is not truly matte, it carries a glow into it, where it gives lips that nice hydration while wear.

Next is the Eye Glow Gem ($27 for 0.21 oz. / 6 g) is a lustrous eye shadow that comes in a pot. This Eye Glow Gem comes in 30 beautiful shades ranging from soft nudes to vibrant and deep colors. The texture is soft and glides on to the eyes smoothly. I was sent out two shades to try which included:

  • GD 082 is a beautiful vanilla shade with fine silver shimmers
  • BR 389 is a gorgeous deep stone shade with silver shimmers

The application is super easy, you use your finger tips to apply. You can also use a synthetic brush for application but I prefer my finger tips. I also found it stays longer if you apply it on top of your powder shadows, I can describe this as a lip gloss. It adds that 3D dimension effect on to your lids.

Up next is the Cream Blush ($45 for 4 g) is a beautiful and pearlescent blush that feels comfortable and hydration on skin and glides over the cheeks evenly. The texture is supper soft and feels like muse but in cream form. The Cream Blush is formulated with highly translucent powder particles and a light oil base and wax in smaller particles to create a skin fitting base. The Cream Blush features highly translucent pearl, with a natural colour and find, glossy finish. It comes in eight beautiful shades that goes well with all skin tones.
This is probably one of the best cream blush formulas that I have ever tested. It’s easy to use, and with buildable texture. It doesn’t show off pores and gives cheeks that nice natural glow.

Next is the Lasting Gel Eyeliner ($45 for ) that comes in a soft and creamy texture. The formula is waterproof which makes it easy to create a glossy and seductive look. This eyeliner is highly pigmented and comes in five wearable shades. As many of you know by now how much I love my Pencil liners and this is properly one of the best formulas I have ever used.  Not only the formula is amazing, I got hook into it for the fact that it comes with a perfect smudger at the other end. I mostly create and love smudge liner looks and this one have a perfect smudger. The lasting power is amazing, it stays input for the whole day without smearing or moving.

A look at the swatches 

Best was saved for last – Liposome Face Cream ($125 for 1.7 oz.) is a deep moisturizer that carries a gel like texture and feels super light and refreshing upon application. It melts into the skin with no oily after feel. Liposome Technology offers time released hydration and anti aging active that boost skin’s natural defense. I have introduced it to my morning routine for the past 10 days now and my skin feels supper hydrated and soft.

At the end I’m supper impressed with the range of makeup products as well as the Liposome Cream. Some of the products are addictive like the Eye Gem Glow and Blush Cream. As a natural makeup lover, I don’t wear shimmery and sparkly eye shadows on daily basis but I do go a little dramatic during night events and some occasions and the Eye Gem Glow shadows are perfect to give eyes a glamorous look. Decorte is a beauty brand that your can trust. The Liposome Cream is very nice but I do have to dig in into their other skin care ranges. You can find Decorte beauty and skin care items at Saksfifthavenue.

Press samples provided and courtesy of Decorte. 


The Body Shop | Drops of Youth

The Body Shop is one of the brands I was introduced in my very early age (as early as 8-year-old), one of the first skin care items that I owned at that age from the brand was the cute animal fruit soap. The brand have been one of the most trusted and are well-known for their body care. I was actually got hocked off the body care from them for a while now, as a beauty blogger I get to try new stuff where some times I do realize I do miss on some of my stables that I have loved for ever. And here we’re once again with one of my favorite brands The Body Shop. I was sent out a couple of new skin care items from their Drops Of Youth collection. The collection carries a great range of skin care from cleanser to serum, moisturizer, eye cream, masks and even essence. The Drop OF Youth collection is enriched with 3 plant stem cells: edelweiss from the Italian alps, criste marine and sea holly from the Brittany coast and Community Trade organic babassu oil from Brazil and 100% vegan. I got to try out:

  • Youth Gentle Foaming Wash
  • Youth Bouncy Eye Mask

Up first is the Youth Gentle Foaming Wash (C$20 for 150 mL) which instantly cleanses and removes impurities, leaving skin fresh and replenished. This Foaming wash is enriched with 3 plant stem cells and works great on all skin texture even sensitive one. The Youth Gentle Foaming wash doesn’t dry out skin at all, I’m really particular with my face washes for the fact that I already have a very dry and sensitive skin and using cleanser with harsh chemicals do rip off my skin. I love to use foaming cleanser during my nightly routine, its light, removes my makeup and doesn’t dry out my skin.
The packaging is very practical, and easy to use. I found two pump was good enough to clean my face and nick area.

Up next is the Youth Bouncy Eye Mask (C$ 32 for 20 mL) is a hydrating mask that instantly give tired looking eyes a power nap. It’s enriched with cucumber extract and plant stem cells. You can use it as a sleeping mask after your nightly routine for more smother looking under eye skin that looks healthy or apply it during the day for an extra boost to tired looking under eye area. The formula is non sticky and addresses the first signs of aging by bouncing back to more youthful looking skin. It helps to depuff under eye bags and fades under eye darks circles. The formula is light and carries a gel like texture and works like a protecting thin-film on skin.

Bottom line I find the products are promising and works effectively on skin. You see instant results with both Youth Gentle Foaming wash and Youth Bouncy Eye mask skin feels and looks soft, smooth and fresh. The Drops Of Youth collection carries a great range of skin care, there are some products like Youth Concentrate Face and Eye serum that I really want to test. You can now find the whole collection of Drops Of Youth in store and online at The Body Shop.

Press samples courtesy of The Body Shop.