Nest Fragrance | Pumpkin Chai Collection

I’m a huge lover for home scents and candles. They defiantly elevate my mood and brings that seasonal feeling with different scents. I had a pleasure of testing the Nest Fragrances last year with their Petite Diffuser Trio Set which was limited edition for spring reviewed here, and I have been obsessed over that Trio set which I had kept one of them for just especial occasions. But I actually run out of it this week. I have been thinking of ordering some home scents – if you’re following me on Instagram you might have noticed that I was asking my lovely follower for some home scent suggestions. And I was surprised with a package from Nest Fragrance with their Pumpkin Chai home scent collection. 

Although I am all over floral scents all the time, I feel once in a while when the season changes, I love to go with the seasonal scents. And for Autumn I love the smell of pumpkin, apple and cinnamon. These Pumpkin Chai caries some blend of wild pumpkin, spicy masala chai, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. Its beautiful! I just loved the combination.

The Pumpkin Chai Classic Candle (C$56) is a seasonal candle with colored wax in a very deep pumpkin shade that comes in clear and faded strip pattern and topped with golden strips. Its beautiful and if you’re some one who changes the home décor by adding some seasonal accessories, this would really work with your home décor without putting so much effort. Candles really brings that warm welcoming feeling and coziness. They come in different sizes and different price point which makes it more ideal for different spaces.

The Pumpkin Chai Reed Diffusers (C$64) is the classic Nest Reed Diffuser with the same Pumpkin Chai note, just a perfect and most elegant combination for the Autumn season. It carries the classic look of the Nest Fragrance bottle, very elegant and sleek-looking. If you just use this as your every day scent for the home and intensify it by burning the candle.

We’re still a month away from Autumn but I’m really getting into the fall vibe already. This is the best home scent that I have found in terms of scent and quality. There are quite some great options in sizes, since I just received these I don’t know how long they’ll stay but as I have experienced with the Trio Set before which have lasted me for a very long time, I’m sure these would last me quite some time. I will make sure to update you all with its lasting power. You all can find these available in store and online at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom across Canada and online at

Many thanks to the Nest Fragrances team for sending over the press samples for testing. 


Nest Fragrance | Petite Diffuser Trio Set – Limited Edition

I love home scents, I feel it adds a bit of luxury to the finish of the house over all. Little details add life to the home and gives it a bit more personal touch. I was beyond excited when I received the Petite Diffuser Trio Set (C$ 50) – Limited Edition from Nest Fragrance. This trio set carries a great range of home spring scents which have been crafted with highest quality of fragrance oils and is designed to fill the home with lush and memorable scents. I always loved the fresh and clean scents of spring all the time, there is nothing that makes my mood than fresh home scents.

This Petite Diffuser Trio Set includes:

  • Ocean Mist & Sea Salt –  The combination of a gentle ocean mist with hints of sea salt, with tea and coconut makes this a very clean and fresh scent. I would say the scent is very mild, this never bothered my sensitive nose at all.
  • White Camellia – It smells like fresh flower bouquet, flower scents are always my favorite. This carries a combinations of fresh Camila, Wisteria and Indonesian Jasmine along with crisp notes of white tea and amber. I would day this one have a bit of more stronger scent.
  • Grapefruit – This one carries more fruity scent. It’s infused with Pink Pomelo Grapefruit and Watery Green Nuances. It also carries high notes of Lily of the Valley and Coriander Blossom.
I loved the mini clear glass packaging, with metal wood stopper. These fits beautifully anywhere in the house like living room, office, bathroom vanity as well as your closet. I always love to put a diffuser in my closet shuffle, it makes a huge difference in my mood while picking up an outfit. I haven’t used it long enough to report on lasting power but it does looks like its going to stay at my place for long time but I will definitely report on its lasting power. The reeds releases enough product to the air slowly and evenly but you can flip the reeds over to intensify the fragrance occasionally.
Bottom line I have been loving this trio set diffuser from Nest Fragrances for its quality, performance and ver.  The scents add a sophisticated fresh and clean touch to the home. This Trio Diffuser set is Limited Edition, if you’re some one like me with fresh spring scents I would highly recommend to get these before they’re gone. Although fragrances are some thing very personal and can be tricky while picking for gifts but I think you can’t go wrong with this trio diffuser set as a home warmer gift. You can find the Petite Diffuser Trio Set online at
Many thanks to the Nest Fragrance team for sending this Trio Set Diffuser for reviewing consideration.