Nest Fragrance | Amalfi Lemon & Mint Collection

Nest Fragrances just launched Amalfi Lemon & Mint home fragrance collection for Spring 2020. This new home fragrance collection brings that burst of freshness and zesty lemon and orange bergamot (which I’m a huge fan of the combination) along with freshness from mint to your home. I’m a die-hard lover of their home fragrances and scents especially the candles.

High Notes:

  • Zesty Lemon
  • Fresh Mint
  • Driftwood

This collection carries nice fresh citrus and fruity scent that helps change the mood of the room especially during the season where we all seek up to everything in a fresh manner. I always find Nest Fragrances carries the super sleek and classic style that really brings together the décor of the room, or in other words, it doesn’t interfere with the décor of the room. I absolutely love the clean look of the candles and reed diffusers where I can display very easily in every corner of the rooms and house.

I have been super lucky to be gifted their scents each season to find the newness from the brand and I get more impressed with the scent each time (I’m definitely addicted to the brand). They’ve really been mastered how to pick their notes to create the scent each season. Usually, they introduce their Candles in three different sizes and most of the time they carry the same classic fogged glass strip glass jars. I find the sizes to be perfect deepening on where you locate them.

And their Reed Diffusers come in one size most of the time. I was sent out one from each to test, I love to pair both Diffusers along with the Candles to get a more intense scent throughout the house. For me, it works the best to pair since I own an open concept house where it’s quite hard to manage to keep the scent within the area. Usually, the Reed diffusers stay up in the main room and from time to time I burn the candles for a more intense finish especially when I cook. But only the Candles or the Reed Diffusers are good enough by themselves in bedrooms.

You can find the newness from Nest Fragrances in-store and online at Sephora, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

press samples were provided and courtesy of Nest Fragrances for editorial purposes.


Maison Margiela | REPLICA Memory Box & Candle in Beach Walk

Maison Margiela Replica scents are quite exquisite. This is my first time trying their collection from their fragrance department and it’s definitely the perfect scents I have tried. I was supper excited to find their new offering for the holiday season the new limited-edition Replica Memory Box and their home scented candle in Beach Walk.

Replica Memory Box ($41.00 for 10 x 0.06 oz/ 2mL Eau de Toilette) is filled with 10 of Maison Margiela’s evocative fragrances that is inspired by timeless experience. This is a perfect way to discover their most amazing and timeless scents in a box. Each scent is different keeping it strong enough to notice hours after application but aren’t overpowering when first spray them which is really nice. Their scents are medium to long-lasting on me. This Box consists of:

  • Lazy Sunday Morning – This is a classic floral fragrance scent with high notes of of fresh pear, iris, and tender white musk. It brings memory of soft, velvety skin enveloped in fresh and comfortable linens.
  • Jazz Club – This one is a woody and spicy fragrance balmy notes of rum absolute blended with an underscore of tobacco leaf absolute. This is one of the scents that I was not really into it but if you’re into classic cocktail scents, you definitely want to try this one.
  • Beach Walk – This is one of my favorite ones with a modern floral fragrance that evokes the memory of a stroll along the ocean, carrying scents of a summer day with radiant notes of lemon, coconut milk, and cedarwood.
  • At the Barber’sThis is a woody, citrusy fragrance which is super refreshing and with invigorating notes of basil accord and sensorial lavender.
  • By the Fireplace – This one is a warm and spicy fragrance that brings so much coziness and comfort to the mood with high notes of clove, chestnut, and vanilla accord.
  • Woodstock on a sun – This is a with rich and heady notes of cannabis, Incense oil and leather accord. To me it smells primarily of red apply accord while brings endless verdant landscape of greens and fresh buds, you feel the brightness of sunshine.
  • Flower MarketThis one is a fresh, floral fragrance that brings my memory of a Parisian floral shop. The delicate and innocuous scent of freshly-cut blooms brings an abundance of florals to the forefront of this composition.
  • Sailing Day – It’s clearly feminine to me, but it’s not girly like Flower Market if that makes any sense. It come with high notes of aquatic accord, iris asbolute, and red seaweed accord which makes this one aromatic and pure.
  • Under the Lemon Trees – This one is one of the most cleans scents I have ever tried. Brings in that countryside feel with high notes of cypresses and lemons.
  • Whispers in the Library – This one is enchanted with high notes of pepper essence blending into a soothing tonka bean absolute and bewitching Vanilla, which is inspired by the old books of library. It definitely brings old school memory back in live.

Since it was the first time I’ve played with this line, I found the scents are onto the next-level kind of sophistication. They’re quite on the luxury side and quite expensive but definitely worth to have it on your vanity. This is a great way to find and discover your favorite scent without breaking the bank. Each scent gets personalized once its mixes with your body chemistry. I have been wearing couple of floral ones for the past couple of days and I think I need to try more scents to find that perfect scent for this season. I found the floral ones are very classic and you can’t go wrong with them. Flower Market is one of my most favorite scent from the box. While you can wear them all year-long any where. Meanwhile as many of you know i love to layer my scents i found they layer beautifully with any of your own fragrances as long as you have a common note in both fragrances as well as they layer amazingly with each other to make it your very own personalized scent.


Yet I’m thrilled to share the Replica’s Candle in Beach Walk ($85.47 for 5.82 oz/ 165 g). I’m a die-hard lover of home scents and good candles, they help change the mood of a room every season and especially during the holiday seasons. Although I find this one to be perfect for the spring/summer time but I find the candles are superior with their quality. They come in a sleek classic look of clean white smoked glass jar along with white colored wax and silver cap and a full detail of candle banner on the exterior. It’s really just simply beautiful! They come many beautiful scents like their fragrances.

Beach Walk particularly is definitely one of my favorite scents with super fresh notes of bergamot, lemon, heliotrope, coconut milk, and musk. The scent is fresh and radiant and refreshes the mood. I have already placed it in my setting area where I can smell it al the way into my kitchen area. The scents itself seems on the subtle side once it burns but it’s definitely noticeable and has a descent throw. There is a refreshing and uplifting feel to this one and the citrus notes gives this one an awakening feel.

The Replica’s scents are very exclusive, and the Memory Box is limited-edition. I find it’s a perfect way to discover the brand and a perfect way to find your very own scent. I highly recommend this one. There are quite some amazing and different scents that brightens your day. Yet if you’re a home scent lover, you absolutely need to discover the Replica’s scented candles. I feel it’s a perfect time to discover the brand if you haven’t so. It’s a perfect way to gift some one who has every thing. Make sure to browse in the Replica’s counter to find the newness at Sephora, and Nordstrom.

Press samples provided and courtesy of Maison Margiela


Nest Fragrance | Holiday Liquidless Reed Diffuser & Festive Voilet Trio Set

The Nest Fragrance Holiday 2019 Home collection has launched and there is quite some nice and beautiful gift sets that I wanted to share with you all this holiday season. I have been a long time lover for the Nest Fragrances, yet every season I look forward to the Nest Fragrances collection. This year they launched a couple of new limited-edition candles and reed diffuser available in few different forms:

The packaging is inspired with the prettiest holiday gold themed patterns and designs on the exterior. There is noting like adding so much personality to your home with these candles each season that comes in perfect packaging and scents. I really do like these candles and mdiffuser for the season, yet each comes with different notes, I think they have mastered with their blend of notes on each of them. The packaging is on point where you really don’t need to wrap them when gifting. They all carry quite festive and holiday inspired looks and packages that are quite luxurious looking. Here I’m sharing two of the Nest Fragrance’s holiday collection

Holiday Liquidless Diffuser is a liquid free diffuser that allows you to customize the strength of the fragrance depending on your preference.  This is a scent with a very warm and traditional style. I like this scent the most! It has a slight scent of amber + a softer variation of vanilla which I found it really pleasant. This one carries high notes as: Pomegranate, Mandarin Orange, Pine, Cinnamon and Cloves. They do last quite long since the formula releases fragrance slowly and evenly into the air, while you can fill the air with the perfect amount of your favorite scent and customize the strength of your fragrance according to your room size and preference. And for me its a perfect spill proof and maintenance free home scent that I can décor with three kids and without worrying.  You can add your Scent Sticks gradually to make them last long. They’re quite intensive so I would suggest to start with two and you can refresh every 30 days by adding another Scent Stick, for me its going to take me through out the season.

Festive Votive Trio set are one of the most cutest candle sets I have owned. This has a beautiful and festive gold embellishments which I found is quite adorable. I’m a huge lover for their candles and I find this makes a perfect gift this season for your loved ones and for your self. Each mini candles come with different scent:

  • Spiced Orange & Clove comes in blends scent of orange pomander with the essence of spiced brandy, Saigon cinnamon, hints of star anise, and gingered honey.
  • Holiday brings in the holiday mood with notes of pomegranate, Mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon, with a hint of vanilla and amber.
  • Birchwood Pine carries notes of white pine, fir balsam, and birchwood over a base of rich musk and amber.

I absolutely adore these mini set candles. I will burn to the end and most likely will keep one for my editorial captures for future (by the end of winter). Jars will be used to recycle for me as well, just a quick recommendation when recycling them – you need to take care of the exterior when cleaning as they can wear off using stiff sponges.

Bottom line, it’s all over my home! I just think the Nest Fragrance Holiday home scents are best when it comes to home candles and diffusers. They layer and complement each other quite nicely so you can grab any of them put them together for that extra feeling. I think they’re gorgeous and absolutely my favorite!

The Nest Fragrances Holiday collection is limited-edition. They do have more options including their classic scents like Rose Noir & Oud reviewed here and Velvet Pear reviewed here, and more that can be layered with them. I think it’s a perfect gift for the season for your loved ones. You can find Nest Fragrance’s Holiday collection out now while they last available at Sephora, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.