Cooking at Home for Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem! Ramadan month is here and we all tend to make the most out of this month with spiritual growth, prayer, as well as a reflection to our soul, body and mind. For the past couple of years, I have managed to make the ifter easy and healthy for myself and my family. It does sound impossible to stay away from fatty and fried foods after a long day but it feels really good once you put in those real nutritions inside you + slowly you will notice that your body will function better. Many of you showed interest in the cooking session with me and this year I took time to bring some ease for you in terms of sharing some cooking recipes. I will be sharing more recipes and cooking sessions on my Instagram account, so make sure to follow me along there.

First thing first, juicing fresh fruits and veggies during Ramadan has become a ritual for me. It’s easy to make yet you get that energy you need for your body to run for the entire month. I also found most of the time I wasn’t getting enough of my veggies + fruits because I would feel full after eating my full meal in the iftari and I wasn’t feeling good to go to sleep full stomach. At the same time it’s important to take some nice warm water going into your system and if you break your fast with some infused warm water it’s a perfect way to break your fast.
Up next I try to make something healthy like soup – any kind of soup that I would be able to make (I will share some of my favourite ones). And by this meal, I already feel full and I have everything I needed to take for my body. Usually, it’s better to take a rest by finishing up your prayers or getting time to get some family time. For me, it takes around 30 – 40 minutes and then I get in a full meal.

There are few steps and a little control that you need to implement in your routine and it gets easy every single day. I have learned if I get the mean meal first then I wouldn’t be able to get in all my veggies and fruits afterwords. I have some recipes ready for you that I will share followed this post + a full video on my Instagram IG for you. And of course, the entire month doesn’t look like this I do induce some pleasures foods from time to time before covid it was iftar gatherings. Usually, I used to host iftar dinners at my place which seems impossible at this time for all that’s going on. But I tried to make the first day of Ramadan joyful by setting up a nice table for all of us especially Yousuf who’s fasting for the first time.

I hope this month will bring you all joy, health and prosperity. For me its a time that I want to connect to my soul and my creator. Plus each year I try to become a better version of my self my avoiding a habit for the rest of the year.

Ramadan Kareem!!


Trench Coat Edition


I am a huge classic trench coat lover and perfect layering piece for this time of the year. A nice trench coat always finishes the look elegantly. I have listed some really nice classic pieces with different price point and many are on SALE right now.

Here is my overall look for the weekend. You can literally wear a nice trench coat over any outfit as a layering piece. I tried to link my outfit for you guys but many items are no longer available so I shared ones that are similar at the moment.

Coat: Coach similar here | Jeans: Zara Vintage Hi-Rise Jeans | Bag: Zara similar here | Shoes: Zara similar here


How to Optimize your Kitchen & Fridge Storage this Spring

It’s been a year since I organized my kitchen cabinets and fridge yet spring cleaning is one of the most important ways to organizing and optimizing your kitchen cabinets and storage. It’s a great way to find if there are things that needs a replacement like most items that get expired or no longer good to use.
It all started when I was gazing at some nice super-organized kitchens on social media about last year when the lockdown started and wanted to turn mine into them, although my kitchen always looked clean and organized but not Pinteresty organized. I found that all you need is a little time to look for inspiration! I have been looking into my Pinterest page and some creators made me wow. It really doesn’t matter if you have a kitchen small or big, old or new – you can work on it and make everything look nice.

Just 3 points that you need to make your kitchen look nice and organized:

  1. Clean out everything
  2. Buy organizers
  3. Organize by shelves and bins

The best way to easy store/access my food container lids. It has made my life so much easier to keep them in one place.


We had our minds set on a purchase of a new fridge for quite some time but because what has been going on regarding COVID made us wait. We owned the Kenmore Refrigerator for more than 10 years now and it was definitely a good choice. Just last year we find that we needed to replace the fridge for some technical issues that it showed up.

We finally decided to purchase the Samsung Stainless Steel 36″ Wide French Door Refrigerator from Leon’s. We had limited options because we had to keep in mind that we have a custom built-in fridge cabinet in our kitchen.

I absolutely love the clean and sleek look of it and most importantly the inside space that really impressed me.

Here are few things you need to create & keep the space clean and tidy:

  • Clean out your fridge every time you shop for groceries especially if you’re are a family of more than 3 or 4. It plays a huge difference not only in the look of your fridge but you also get to see or use the leftover items that are setting in there before it gets rotten.
  • Buy organizers and before you do make sure to measure your fridge so you have that nice and clean fitted look. There are quite different organizers – it really is in your hands on how you want to organize.
  • Organize by shelves and bins. It’s really important to know how to place them in the fridge so they stay fresh and last longer. Fruits and Veggies go at the very bottom so want them nice and crisp. Since we eat lots of veggies and fruits I decided to dedicate the lower drawers to veggies and the lower-middle section to fruits.
  • The two top section leaves in for eggs, milk and leftover food, yogurts, cheese and drinks.

I hope you find this post helpful. The entire process took me some time to establish but once everything is all set, you really going to enjoy the clean & organized look. I linked everything you need for kitchen organization in this post.