To tell you all finally we made a decision and planned a family mini vacation to Netherlands last week. This was our fourth visit to Netherlands in the past 10 years and the last three times we mainly stayed with families, yet this time we decided to try all new things and explore the cities in Netherlands. Although we stayed at my mother in laws place since she really wanted to spend the time with her grand children (it was first time for my two little ones to see her grand mother) but we managed to explore the cities. It’s definitely worth to visit this beautiful country with so much history. There’s still so much on our list that we have already set our mind to go for another visit next year. My trip recap, food recommendations and highlights below:

First thing first we really wanted to see Amsterdam which is the capital city of Netherlands. The city is known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses. There is a lot to do in this city, we manage to get Canal Tour Boat to take us trough the city. Its one of the memorable ways to discover the city. It’s an hour canal cursing, while they provide a full detail on what’s around you.

View from inside boat

Amsterdam House Hotel

Hotel De L’Europe

Narrowest house in the city (two story building in the middle)

Chinese floating restaurant

City walk

Utrecht was another city that we decided to explore during our stay. Kurahus Hotal is one of the most beautiful hotels around the city and there is so much to do. I would say it’s definitely a must see place during the summer time. Its facing to the beach where it makes it more magical, the sunset looks amazing.

Since Belgium was a good neighbour to Netherlands we couldn’t stop our self’s to take a sneak peek at the city Brussels, where it is all about Royalty. The city is beautiful and full of castles.

Where To Eat:

New York Pizza in Amsterdam was some thing that was in our radar especially since my kids love pizza. The place was just inside the city walk and right beside the canal tour boat where we easily did our lunch and got into our boat with matter of crossing the street.

Manneken Pis is also some thing you need to stop by when in Netherlands, they have quite branches to serve you. We stop by in Utrecht when shopping in the mall. The place is quite nice with an open space to spend while snacking.

Netherlands is very famous for their Street Food especially when it comes to sea food. During the week days they offer a verity of different street food in each city where they show case many local fresh and fast food like sea food, cheese, nuts, flower and local farm fruits and veggies. We got to try out the Fillet fry fish which is quite famous and delicious. We dedicated our three days to eat some fried fish, we also got to try out the cheese and waffles are must especially for those with sweet tooth.

I couldn’t leave the country without doing some shopping. As a beauty lover I had to drop by beauty store to browse in and dig in. Hoog Catharijne The Mall is one of the newest and biggest malls in the city Utrecht. And I was quite impressed with the selection of beauty stores and verity of beauty items in the mall. I spotted some of my favorite stores like NYX cosmetics, and Douglas store which is pretty much comparable to Sephora. Holiday beauty sets were already on display and there were quite some of my favorite brands like Giorgio Armani , Chanel, Tom Ford and much more. You all know there is a little fashionista inside me and I had to head over the Zara store and grab couple of items from there.

This is what our four-day stay covered Netherlands. We had a lovely stay and we already have set our minds to got to another visit next year or maybe sooner and this time we will cover Paris. The city is full of surprises, each corner and building have a different view. If you’re planning to visit Netherlands or any surrounded countries I would highly recommend to rent a car and if you have cellar data download Google Map especially if you’re traveling with kids. They have quite parking areas and it will ease the stress of waiting for the train or bus. I wish we could have stayed a bit more, probably two more days to take our time and see more places, one day was not enough to visit Brussels. Shopping wise I was not able to really get my self ready for what I wanted to purchase. I would have planned out my stops a litter better if had more time. Since it was a first post on my Travel post I feel I could have get more better pictures, I realised I did miss some spots when I was writing this post – Practice makes it better. This week I took a little time off social media and concentrated on my self and life which have turned out me to work better.

Hope you all have enjoyed this travel diary! I will be working on more getaway posts and a full post on what I packed beauty wise will be up just right after this post. I would love to know what you guys think of the travel post and if you have visited Netherlands before what was your favorite spot.



Valentines Day For Her

Still in full mood of Holidays, and yet I just realized its February. Valentines day is just around the corner – less than two weeks. I have already set my mind on what to wear and how to look for a date night, although I’m not sure if we are going to make it to a dinner date! our little one is almost 11 months and still in much need of both of us. I haven’t left him alone with anyone, it have been either me or his dad with him all the time. But if not we love to get dinner dates as a family with our kids. This year there are quite some interesting and beautiful beauty items that I’m tempting to get my hands on this Valentin. As well as some non beauty items that I have been saving up for a while toward its purchase. This post consists of items that I have my eyes on, there are different price range for every one whether you’re looking for an item to add to your over all look or you’re some one looking for some gift ideas.

  • White Peach Eye Shadow Palette Peach and Cream Collection from Too Faced Cosmetics (C$55) is a beautiful and amazing eye shadow palette that will please any lady and if you’re purchasing it for your self, it creates beautiful eye looks that takes you from day to-night easily with many warm and cool under tones, as well as different textures.
  • Radian Lip Gloss (C$36) from Cle De Peau Beaute is a newly formulated lip gloss with beautiful fine shimmers that adds that clear shimmery and glossy finish to your lips. There are quite some beautiful shades, whether to wear them alone or on top of your lipsticks it will add that sharp finish to your look. It’s also a perfect add-on with any other gifts.
  • Dior Nude Air Luminizer glow (C$73) adds that beautiful and most natural looking glow to your look. Its light weight formula melts into the skin and gives that within glow to the complexion. Highlighting is getting on its way this season and this makes a perfect gift.
  • The Foundation (C$335) from Cle De Peau Beaute is a luxurious looking foundation inside and outside. I have been so aiming on this Foundation for quite some time. The finish is flawless and gives complexion that luminous and natural look.
  • Your complexion has to be on point when it comes to a date night and The renewal oil  (C$295) from Lamer is one of the beauty items that you need whether you have dry skin or oily. This is one of the items that you can’t go wrong with it comes to gifting your love ones skin care.
  • Lipstick will always remain lipstick to all ladies and as a lipstick junkie I feel we can’t get enough of it and this year the L’Oréal Paris x Balmain collection (C$18) is one of the collections this year that all ladies wants to get their hands on or lips. By now its hard to find them in store I will suggest to order them online since many of the shades are already sold out.
  • Eve Lom Cleanser (C$99) is a purifying cleanser that is super gentle while it target the impurities for a better and more even out skin. I have been raving for this Cleansing balm for quite few months now and definitely will give you guys soon a full review. It’s great for all skin types and makes a perfect gift.
  • Violet C Radiance Mask (C$68) from Tatcha is a new mask formula. This is quite unique mask that is packed with Japanese Beautyberry and 2 types of Vitamin C that absorbs quickly for an immediate glow which we all look for when it comes to masks.
  • Well who doesn’t want to get their hands on one of the Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette (C$35.00) from Huda Beauty by now, we all do right. It have been a year full of up and downs for me but soon there will be reviews on this beauty’s makeup line soon here. You can never go wrong with these eyeshadow, all shades are wearable.
  • No gift is better than presenting a fragrance, especially when you don’t really know much about their taste on beauty items. This time Mugler is presenting a new fragrance Arora Eau de Parfume (C$115) which will be fully reviewed soon here. It smells divine and this will keep you safe from any angle.
  • Capture youth glow booster (C$124) is a new serum line from Dior beauty which is an anti-fatigue weapon against dull and tired complexion. This serum will work as a booster for your skin and will help restore skin’s radiance. As mentioned it’s hard to gift some on with skin care but a booster serum is one of the items that keeps you safe.
  • Here are couple non beauty items – Kate Spade phone cover (C$55.00) is a perfect accessory to add that romantic mood to your over all look. And makes a perfect add-on gifts.
  • Nest Fragrance just launched a new Linen Reed Diffuser (C$44) which I have been hooked to their diffuser for a while now. It gives you home that beautiful and fresh scent to left your mood any time of the day and welcome your love at your place.
  • Lipstick and shoes are always are the two items that finish your look and you can never go wrong with Nude shade – the Stessy Light Pink from Aldo (C$85) is a beautiful pink nude heel that I find carries that Louboutin look into it.
  • Yet another shoe from Nine West caught my eyes, this season that will add sharpness to your look – Mydebut (C$135 now C$59), sizes are limited so make sure you get your before they’re gone.
  • Serpenti Cat eye Metal Sunglass (US$450) from Bvlgari is definitely an accessory you want to add to your look especially if you’re out for a brunch with your soul mate. And if you have been in a long relationship and want to gives your love a perfect and more valuable gift, this is some thing you want to consider.
  • Best is for last for sure I have been saving up for a purchase from Valentino for quite some time and I have got my eyes on the Rockstud Medium Quilted Leather Chain Shoulder Bag (C$3060) which is quite an item.



Mother’s Day Gift Guide


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Here is a roundup of gift ideas for Mother’s Day in case you’re looking for some idea’s. At this point of year there are many options at the retails stores where you can get confused on what to choose or pick for your mother. Here is a quick break down of some of the must items for this year with different price points. I personally felt in love with the M.A.C’s warm neutral eyeshadow palette, it creates amazing looks all year long and with full pigment.

I haven’t had a chance to review the Capture Total from Dior but your mom will thank you for rest of her life for renewing her skin. I know this because my mom have been using it for more than 30 years now and it’s always in her repurchase list. Every one complements about her skin all the time, It is a little higher on price point but after using it you do realize it worth every penny, hopefully I will get a chance to review it for you all this year.

And for those who have mom’s that aren’t into makeup, fun accessories are always nice to get them update for spring to summer. I have pick some items from Coach where I think these brightens up their wore drop, Right now coach has great offers for mothers day. I will be at the re-opening event of coach store in Maple view mall tomorrow evening from 6-8 if you’re around there you can pop up and I would love to see you there. Not to forget I highly recommend you all to browse in to the Kate Spade store and discover their new shoe collection (that’s on my wish list), those flats comes in different and beautiful colors and has a very feminine touch to it.

I hope your week is going well, two more reviews to come this week for some items from Estee Edit and Mugler Newest limited edition fragrance, I hope to finish them before weekend if not I will be up definitely by next week.