Nars | Skin Deep Eye Palette


There are quite some new launches from Nars Cosmetics that I was looking forward into them during this spring season. I had my eyes on the Skin Deep palette from the first day it launched and I knew its a must have for me. There are some more newness from the brand as well as they have added some new shades to some of their Best selling products which is quite exciting.


Skin Deep Eyeshadow Palette 

Up first is the Skin Deep Eye Palette (C$74.00) is a beautiful nude eyeshadow palette that I feel every woman should own. It comes in 12 beautiful neutral shades that go from the lightest neutral shade to the darkest with different textures. I think it looks beautiful on all skin tones, the texture and pigment of theses shadows are incredibly delivers an amazing payoff. The texture of the shadows are soft and silky especially for the shimmery ones. The selection of different texture is truly amazing, if had to live with one eyeshadow palette definitely it would be this one. The shadows layer beautifully and you can create many different looks with this palette.
The top layer contains larger pots which is meant to use them with larger blending eyeshadow brush to apply to the larger eye area as well as they’re nice blending shades. And smaller pots are designed to be use for more detailing and adding contrast to the eye shape. You can use the matte neutral shades to define the brows as well.

  • Taunt is a cream matte finish shade
  • Sophia is a rich cool brown in matte finish
  • Whipped is a nice brown with warm under tone and matte finish
  • Undressed is a taupe brown in matte finish 
  • Bali is a beautiful deep natural taupe with matte finish
  • Icon is a nice rosy gold shimmer shade
  • Basic Instinct is an icy rose shimmery shade
  • Coconut is a deep brown shade in matte finish            
  • Centerfold is a shimmery grey beige
  • Calendrer Girl is a pure golden brown shade
  • Faster Pussycat is a beautiful metallic copper
  • Unbuttoned is a deep brown in shimmer finish

This eyeshadow palette carries a mix of new and exiting shades. The shades may look repeated but they’re not, they all come in different tones which makes them look different once its applied. I truly loved the palette, if you’re some one like me who love neutral shades when it comes to eye shadows then you would probably love this palette. Although I have quite many neutral eyeshadow palette I feel this is becoming a most favorite one right now. I love how there is a few pop of light pink and brick shades to make this palette a little different from other ones in the market.
All shades blends well with each other and works best with a nice eyeshadow brush especially the matte shades. I found the shimmery ones applies best with using a flat eyeshadow brush or your finger tip would bring the shades to its best look. There not much fall out from the shadows but to avoid any fall outs with shimmery shades, apply a face setting spray on your eyeshadow brush before the application, it would not only take cares of the fall outs it set the shadow beautifully and stays longer.


Sheer Glow Foundation & Radiant Creamy Concealer 

Nars also extended their shade range in their best-selling foundation Sheer Glow Foundation (C$59 for 30 mL) as well as in Radiant Creamy Concealer (C$37.00 for 6 mL) which is another best-selling concealer from the brand.

The Sheer Glow Foundation is a lightweight buildable foundation that is perfect to enhance the look of the skin. The finish is natural and radiant, with medium coverage but buildable. I loved that it provides a nice and luminous finish to the skin that I always look into my foundation. And now they’re introducing it in 34 shades and which 20 shades have been introduced to the foundation, which is a great range of tones. I noticed they have induced lots of in between shades from light to medium and a lots of new deep shades and to be exact 7 new deep shades to the line. Which I found is incredible. I received this foundation in shade Salzburg which I found was a perfect match to my skin. I usually mix two foundation to get a perfect match with most of the brands and only some carries my exact shade. I was really impressed with the shade, texture and finish of the foundation.

Last but not least the Radiant Creamy Concealer is also now available in 22 shades. I think every one is already very familiar to the Radiant Creamy Concealer which is an award-winning multi-action concealer. Radiant Creamy Concealer has been a long time go to for me. I have never trusted a concealer than this so far. It carries that bit of radiance that blends better on skin while it looks natural and provides the coverage. I don’t like matte finish concealers and especially the once with opaque texture. The Radiant Concealer is one of the few concealer that I could use under my eye area.
If I had to live with one concealer it would be Radiant Creamy, because the texture is creamy and the application wand is what I would prefer for application. I have had used the Soft Matte Complete Concealer (reviewed here) is one of the matte finish formulas that have worked great on my skin and I was really impressed with the finish and texture of the concealer. I felt like it’s the stick version of the Radiant Creamy Concealer.

I received the Radiant Creamy Concealer in shade Crema Catalana which is a good match to my skin but you know the rule of concealer, you need two or three shades lighter than your foundation. For me I use Vanilla to highlight my under eye area and face. But I still love the formula and most of the times when I’m on run I just use my concealer to cover all my face, and it gives me the perfect finish and look.

Bottom line a huge thumps up from me. It truly is a win for me with the Skin Deep Eye palette as well as the Sheer Glow Foundation. It’s an eyeshadow palette that I can wear all year-long without any hustle, it carries enough color to create nice hot brick-red looks and many neutral and smoky eye looks for day and night. The texture and pigment are amazing and it performs amazing. Same with the Sheer Glow foundation , I loved the finish and luminous texture. The staying power is quite amazing and love that you can build the coverage without looking cakey. It layers beautifully without looking like you’re wearing a mask. It definitely have become one of my stable foundation for me. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is one of my must have products, I always have a back up of my shade in my makeup drawer. You can now find all these products available online and in store at Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, Nordstrom and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Many thanks to the Nars team for sending the press samples for editorial purposes. 


It Cosmetics | Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Melting Balm & Eye Cream

I have been testing some new skin care products from It cosmetics in last three weeks, I have had used the It Confidence line a while back which was a huge hit for me, and I really wanted to try out some other skin care items from the brand. I have had received these new additions from the brand as an appreciation gift during the holiday season which was really thoughtful and I knew I would love these from their best-selling line Bye Bye Collection.

Up first is the Bye Bye Makeup 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm (C$ 48.00 for 2.82 oz) which is a gentle cleansing balm that removes all makeup and impurities at the same time. Its a makeup remover, a cleanser and carries an anti-aging serum in one step. Its formulated with deep cleansing extracts and botianicals to remove all makeup and impurities without drying or irritating the skin. The texture is solid balm that melts into the skin once you massage it. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and antioxidants that offers skin hydration, suppleness and radiance.

Its designed for all skin types and textures even sensitive skin and its formulated with an anti-aging serum for better looking skin which sounds and feels really amazing. It feels like a creamy oil once you start working it into the skin, and there’s no trace of makeup or impurities lift once it’s rinsed. I have been a true lover for oil cleansers and slowly the cleansing balms have replaced it. I find the solid cleanser balms a lot easier when it comes to application, there are no drips from your hands to the elbows.

Up next is the Bye Bye Under Eye Cream (C$62.00 for 0.5 oz) is a super hydrating and anti-aging eye cream that instantly brightens the under eye area and looks after fine lines and wrinkles. Its designed for all skin types and textures. Its formulated with hydrolyzed collagen and essential oils plus caffeine to nourish and firm the dedicated under eye skin. The texture is super soft and smooth and gets into the skin immediately.

I’m very picky when it comes to eye cream, I don’t get please with all under eye creams. I have really noticeable dark circles and super dry skin, I have used many different eye creams and what I like when it comes to eye cream. I like creams with rich texture yet light enough so it gets into my skin. I do get to notice immediately what works great on my under eye area, and one thing is that I get super soft and smooth skin. I found this really helped my under eye skin look brightens and smooth throughout the day and have notice a huge different in the past 3 weeks. I love how it’s infused with hyaluronic acid and cucumber to keep the area hydrated and cool.

Over all I have been really impressed with the results. I truly love the cleansing balm for the face its easy to use yet super gentle and non drying for my skin. It melts into the skin and cleanses all the makeup and impurities at once. Eye cream is a very important skin care product for me since I have a super dry under eye area and not all creams work for me, it super hydrating and nourishing. It brightens the area and love the cooling sensation. Both products are exclusively available online and in store at Sephora.



YSL | Shimmer Rush Collection

Truly excited to share the YSL Beauty’s Spring collection as my first spring beauty post. YSL Beauty just launched The Shimmer Rush Collection for Spring 2019, this collection was inspired by frosted pastels and luxurious of natural shimmer formulas. The whole collection allows to create the most beautiful and dazzle looks for day and night. This collection contains:

  • Shimmer Rush Highlighting Blush
  • Shimmer Rush All Over Make-Up Palette

There is quite some other new launches and newness from the brand for the Spring 2019 but this post will only contain the Shimmer Rush Collection.

The Shimmer Rush Highlighting Blush (C$65.40 each) is a shimmering face palette that carries four gorgeous rosy hues. I had my eyes on this palette from the beginning of its launch, this year it’s all about glowing skin and I knew this rosy color combination along with the perfecting setting powder is some thing that would excite me the most. I love how you get to glow and set your makeup at the same time. You can really swirl around your blush brush to get that rosy glow all over, as well as you can use a smaller blush brush to set you makeup all over you complexion and add those cheeks some rosy glow by really tapping the brush on inner side of the blush palette where the colors are located.

Closer Look to the Palette:

The blush palette carries a number of different shades like soft matte finish pink in inner part and a nice rosy and coral shade with shimmers on the outer part and the whole blush shades are located inside a mattifying setting powder. It gives a nice luminous finish yet sets every thing in place for a longer lasting power. The compact is truly luxuries looking with the holographic soft pink cover with the brands logo in gold.

This Shimmer Rush All Over Make-Up Palette (C$70.00) is an all in one face palette for eyes, cheeks and lips. This palette features four shimmering and contrasting eyeshadow shades that is infused with chromatic light formula. The palette is consists of mix shades such as purple, bronze, pearl and two rosy pink to accompany the shadows for a vibrant and fresh looking cheeks and lips. Although I found the texture of all are perfect to create a perfect rosy eye look especially with those two rosy shades.


  • Pearly White is a beautiful white transparent shimmery shade  
  • Iridescent Beige is a gorgeous light golden shimmery shade
  • Glittery Copper is a transparent multi-color shimmery shade with a beige base
  • Glittery Purple is a beautiful transparent purple shimmery shade

Cheeks & Lips:

  • Rouge Iris – Red Iridescent Coral
  • Rose – Wood Matte Pink

Closer Look at Swatches: 

The first four shades are quite shimmery yet transparent, you can wear it alone to get that glossy finish look with a hint of color or top it on your favorite eyeshadow. You can create many different looks with these while using your creative side. The two rosy shades are meant to be used for cheeks and lips which I was really amazed on how well these stays on lips, yet I found they amazingly looks beautiful on eyes. I have been using both rosy shades to create a nice rosy look which is really trending right now and it stay well put together. I have been using the light pink shade on my crease while adding the more intense pink shade on the eye lid and under lower lash line and toping the med lid section with the pearly White shade and Iridescent Beige shade.

The staying power of these shadow are quite amazing but there is some fall outs. I would advice to do your eyes first and then go with your foundation application that way you can get rid of the fall outs easily.

At the end I love them both. I think both formulas are quite amazing and perfect to go with 2019 trend, glowing complexion and glossy eye lids along with perfect rosy lips. I think the face palette is some thing that you can carry in your on the go bag for adding that freshness to your complexion and giving those cheeks enough color. While the All Over Make-Up palette is really unique, especially the formula is applies better than I anticipated. The shades are quite fun and takes your look from day to-night easily, and really all you need this spring is this palette.

This is definitely and nice palette to have especially for this year. I have had quite some other palette with shimmery shadows but there is nothing that I could compare this with. I’m not a shimmery makeup person, I love to wear matte finish shadows most of the times but seeing the trend is hitting, I’m aiming on wearing more shimmery lids this spring season. I’m thinking of  creating an eye look for this palette, its going to be my first attempt on creating eye looks for you guys.
You can find the new Shimmer Rush Collection available at YSL Beauty and Nordstrom.

Press samples were provided and curtesy of YSL Beauty.