It Cosmetics | Heavenly Lux Flat Foundation & Jumbo Powder Brush


I had my eyes on some of the face brushes from It Cosmetics for quite some time. I’m a true lover for soft and fluffy face brushes, I find with fluffy brushes you can easily achieve that air brush finish look. Two of the face brushes that I really wanted to test from It cosmetics was, Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Foundation brush and Heavenly Luxe jumbo Powder Brush . As a beauty blogger I test quite few things and one of them are brushes and beauty tools, brushes always stays on top of discussions more often. I love my BeautyBlender but brushes offers a better coverage than BeautyBlender. When it comes to tools especially brushes I get really picky, I always stay with the ones that are soft and thick. It easily blends the product evenly without leaving any strikes.

Up first is the Heavenly Luxe Flat Foundation Brush (C$58) which is one of the best-selling foundation brush from It cosmetics. This is a buffing foundation brush that applies foundation strick free and smoothly for an airbrushed look.  This foundation brush worth every penny, it’s an ultra plush brush with a soft touch handle and precision cut brush head. Its dense but very soft that allows for easy blending and buffing foundation on skin.

The mega high hair count delivers the most effective distribution of foundation, where you can build you in coverage easily. It blurs out the look of pores and skin imperfections. You can use this with a to apply you favorite full coverage liquid foundation as well as loose and pressed powder foundation. It helps the foundation melt into the skin with a flawless finish and streak free look.

Up next is the Heavenly Lux Powder Brush (C$68) which is a jumbo size powder brush. Although I’m not a huge powder lover at all but I love powder brushes. I find finishing your makeup with a jumbo powder brush offers a flawless and airbrushed look. It’s probably one of the biggest powder brushes that I have used by far, its soft and fluffy which makes it perfect to go over your foundation for a more blended look.

Using it in a circular motion really gives that natural looking finish that we all desire.  The brush it self comes with a precision cut head which makes it application even more smoother. It distributes the product evenly all over the face and body. I have been using it with my Genius Magic Power from Charlotte Tilbury (reviewed here) and I have been loving how it sets my foundation seamlessly.

The brushes were sent out by my request however the It Cosmetic team send along this Instant Brush Cleaner – It’s Your Brush Love (C$26 for 101 mL) which is a one step solution to instantly clean your brush. I found this solution to be useful especially for eyeshadow brushes while working on different shades with the same brush. The solution is fast drying and easy to use while it extends the life of brushes whether its natural or synthetic. Just spray, wipe and dry when you’re done with your brushes. The brushes smell fresh and looks clean when ever and where ever you want. I would highly recommend this solution for makeup artists as well as anyone playing with makeup brushes.

At the end brushes makes a huge difference when it comes to makeup application. The brushes from It Cosmetics are excellent. They have a very sleek look and quality and performance is amazing. The Brushes may seem to be a bit on the pricy side but they are well made.  These are good investments as they’ll last for a very long time. I would highly recommend to take a look into it. You can find the Heavenly Luxe foundation and powder brushes available at Sephora and

Provide and courtesy of It Cosmetics. 


Clarisonic | Mia Smart 3-in-1 Connected Sonic Beauty Device

Clarisonic introduces the Mia Smart 3-in-1 Connected Sonic Beauty Device (C$229)  which is a 3-in-1 device for cleansing, a firming message, makeup application and much more. Clarisonic is one of the brands that always comes with a more innovating and efficient cleansing device to bring future in your vanity with a click away. Mia Smart 3-in-1 Beauty Device is the only device you need to look after your skin from cleansing to more contoured, sculpt and beautifully blended makeup look. I got supper exciting when I found that it’s as gentle as hands and 6x more effective while it’s proven to be safe to use 2x a day even for most sensitive skins. It comes in three different colours (white, Pink and Mint) to make it your own. This device helps to:

  • Visibly minimizes pores
  • More firmer and contoured feeling
  • Reduction in appearance of eye puffiness
  • Flawless makeup blending and application

The Device comes with a build in Blue Tooth connection with connects to the app in your phone to upload a custom skin care routine, depending on your taste. The device carries two cleansing modes and a Smart mood to run all applicator and routines with a guided timer that will take you through each zone. The device itself is waterproof which makes ideal to use it in your shower room using your body head or massaging head for a more optimal results.

The Set Contains:

  • Mia Smart Device Handle
  • Mia Smart USB charging stand
  • Daily Radiance Brush Head
  • Mia Smart User guide
  • Registration Card
  • Two year Warranty

The actual device is very light and easy to use, which makes it easy and perfect to take with you while you’re on the go. It comes in with a charger stand and a USB cable that connect to your iPhone charger and you can use your device up to 100 minutes per charge. You can fit in all your Clarisonic brush heads to your Mia Smart 3-in-1 cleansing device.

What to expect from different heads:

Sensitive Brush Head:

  • Designed for skin that’s sensitive to so-called “normal” to combination
  • Great for younger skin, too
  • Cleanses 6x better than hands alone

Firming Massage Head:

  • 27000 micro firming massages to redefine the skin contours
  • Boost absorption of daily skin care
  • Visibly improve 15 signs of aging on face and neck area

Sonic Foundation Brush:

  • Airbrushed makeup look in 60 seconds
  • Better coverage than hands and regular brushes with less product use
  • Blends foundation, concealer, blush and contour

Turbo Body Brush Head:

  • Get baby soft skin on elbows, knees and other dry patches
  • Programmed for the ideal body scrub and massage
  • Amazing neck and shoulder massage

There are some of the brush heads that I have tested through out the years and have given them a thumbs up. I must admit that the new attached brush head with the new Sonic Mia Smart 3-in-1 is much softer and more effective than the other brush heads. And I found the rubber brush bristles works efficiently and is more effective to a more cleaner and smoother skin.

I have had used the Mia Smart Profile (reviewed here) a while back along with a the foundation brush (reviewed here) which I was supper impressed with the results. Yet this time it’s even more excited that you can design your very own skin care routine guide with the device. Clarisonic app also uploads and customize routines to your device to track your skin’s improvements.
I have been super impressed with the new Mia Smart 3-in-1 cleansing device system, it have made my life much easier by designing my very own skin and make up routine. This device comes in different value sets for the holiday season which I find it amazing. You can now shop this device in store and online at Sephora and

Press sample were provided and courtesy of Clarisonic.


Nars | Climax Mascara

Nars Cosmetics just launched Climax Mascara (C$30 for 6.2 mL made in Italy), this is a light weight mascara that offers a buildable volume with a very flexible formula. I personally a huge lover to volume mascaras, I found the formula is quite nice and buildable while it doesn’t clump nor smudges on the lashes. I love how the formula is free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates which gives another thumbs up for this mascara, the bristles are well separated with a very fine spicks which grabs lashes individually and coat each lash for an intensive effect and adds thickness. It carries a very intense black color which is perfect for a very rich and bold lash look.

Two coats of Climax Mascara without any base or a curler

I’m really particular about my mascaras since mascara is one of the beauty items that I wear daily, my eyes gets tired if the formula is stiff. I found its soft and creamy while you can coat your lashes as many times as you want. I personally love thick lash look and I don’t really care if it gets clumpy, I actually like the clumpy look. I use one coat on my lashes but I brush my lashes as long as I get satisfied with the look. The packaging is just one point, its beautiful with a very high glossy finish that adds a glamorous look. I just feel the bright red color really keeps your vanity and makeup bag look fun.

Bottom line choosing a mascara can be tricky, Mascara is one of the beauty items that I use daily basis and I’m really particular about my mascara. It really depends on your lash type and length, I have a pretty long lashes with a semi curl which mean my mascara do smudge at my crease most of the times, and all I need is volume. Most of the volume mascaras works for me and the times that I really want to go crazy I do use a lengthening mascara as a base then followed by a volume mascara. I found this Nars Climax mascara really works nice without any smudging at all. The formula is quite creamy with a long-lasting properties. You can now find the Nars Climax available at all Nars counters in department stores as well as Sephora and Nordstrom.

Many thanks to the Nars team for sending over the press material for editorial purposes.