5 Must have Summer Glow Edit

Summer season is in full swing and we all want that glow. The highlighter trend is still quite strong but slightly fading on its natural side. There are quite some new launches that’s happening right now but I have a list of my all time favorite glowing products along side with some new highlighters that will make you glow all year long. These glowing products are use to give you that overall glow that you can wear it under and over your foundation easily.

When choosing highlighter there are quite some factors you need to consider. Skin texture is one of the most important part that pays a huge role on how it will stand on your skin. Many with large pores and oily skin can’t handle cream and liquid highlighters rather something that will turn into a powder finish will give you that flawless finish. Yet dry to normal skin would prefer cream since it doesn’t emphasize fine lines and wrinkles.

You do need to know you skin tone, many will turn peachy or bronzy on lighter skin tones or darker skin tones will experience a more frosty finish which is not flattering at all.

Today’s roundup consist of soft creamy textured highlighters along with some that feels like powder and doesn’t set on skin.

  • Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Highlighter Wand is a nice hydrating and super light weight highlighter with creamy texture, yet its loaded with pigment. Although it does look quite frosty, but once its blended it really saddle down to a more natural finish. You have a full control on its intensity. It comes in three different shades to cover all skin tones and I find Spotlight is a perfect rosy gold highlighter and its my skin tone.
  • Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Soft Light Liquid Highlighter is a light weight liquid highlighter with no shimmers that will give your skin a luminous finish. You can easily wear it under or over your foundation or on bare skin for a nice glow. It comes in four shades and each really carries a different tone. I have been in love with Pink Pearl, it slightly gives me that pinky glow with my pinky looks.
  • Fresh Beauty Instant Glow Luminizer is my all time favorite. You might have heard me about this all the time. It comes in only two shades starlight which is a nice bright and frosty glow but still on natural side yet I find the Sunset glow gives that perfect natural golden glow. I love how it sets nicely one skin and doesn’t’ move at all. I love to wear this one all year long.
  • YSL Beauty Touche Éclat Shimmer Stick this one is a classic highlighter, that I think every one should own. Its stick yet super lightweight, with an amazing lasting power. It comes in four shades with different golden under tones. Light Gold is my favorite, it adds a nice glow and very easy to use all over the body. It does melts down one skin and gives that glow that comes from within.
  • Shiseido Aura Dew Highlighter is an amazing feather light cream highlighter with fine sparkling shimmers that dries to powder. It doesn’t add any kind of texture on skin. It comes in three shades and I absolutely love it in Solar shade that gives that nice golden finish. You can easily add it on top of any other highlighter to add more shimmers while its really beautiful by itself.

Here is side to side comparable swatches:

I hope this summer glow edit was helpful, as many of you know I’m all about glowing skin regardless of season. I don’t like that muddy and thick texture highlighter look at all. Blending them right is another way to make them look natural and flawless and keeping the glow on right spot (cheek bones, and top of brow bone) will make a huge difference in your overall look. These are some of my favorite cream/liquid highlighters that I have been reaching out mostly.